Our Program

School can get crazy, we know! And we’re here to help! Our tutors collaborate with teachers to provide personalized tutoring that meets each student’s specific needs in the context of each class. We believe the goal of tutoring is to develop independent learners for academic success. So whether we are reinforcing concepts, completing homework, providing ELD support, or preparing for AP exams, we are also practicing responsibility, organization, critical thinking and effective study habits with our students. No matter how crazy it gets, our tutors are here to support students every step of the way.


Our Packages


  • HW Help & Tutoring
  • Weekly Grade Tracking


  • HW Help & Tutoring
  • Weekly Grade Tracking
  • Session Reports
  • 4:1 Tutor-Student Ratio
  • Learning Plans
  • Progress Reports
  • Direct Teacher Collaboration


  • HW Help & Tutoring
  • Weekly Grade Tracking
  • Session Reports
  • 4:1 Tutor-Student Ratio
  • Learning Plans
  • Progress Reports
  • Direct Teacher Collaboration
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Monthly Parent Conferencing

*Specific package details may vary by location

The Lights On Learning Difference

We help parents
  • Focus on spending family time at home instead of battling over homework
  • Feel confident that tutors who understand what’s happening in the classroom are working with their student
  • Provide academic support and hands-on accountability for their student
We help students
  • Process, apply and master concepts and skills
  • Significantly improve grades and strengthen study habits
  • Overcome feelings of helplessness and stress
  • Take ownership of their learning
We help schools
  • Distinguish themselves by offering highly personalized afterschool support to meet student needs
  • Reduce number of failing students and improve test scores without compromising academic rigor
  • Provide concerned parents with a practical and convenient tutoring option on campus right after school
We help teachers
  • Make the most of their classroom instruction by reinforcing it in tutoring
  • Develop independent learners who apply what they are learning and think critically about the world
  • Give low-performing students more time for extra practice, attention and instruction

Lights On Learning has made school expectations and assignments more approachable and manageable for my students.

— Grace Chang, Middle School Teacher

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Lights On Learning is always accepting new students.

Every day, students are learning important concepts, skills and habits that set the foundation for academic success. At Lights On Learning, we provide an extended learning time on campus after school for students to thrive academically. Students receive targeted attention, direction and practice while reviewing concepts, completing homework, preparing for tests and building effective study habits.

Our tutors collaborate directly with teachers to provide highly personalized tutoring that meets each child’s specific needs. By supporting what they are learning in the classroom, we help our students build mastery, gain confidence and develop a love of learning.