About Us

We are a team of smart, fun and hardworking educators who love what we do. Our goal is to give every student the opportunity for aha! moments because learning is better when epiphany hits and everything just makes sense. It’s those moments that foster confidence, spark wonder, celebrate hard work and make learning fun!

We are passionate about supporting what teachers are doing in the classroom and helping students achieve academic success. We do this by partnering with schools, teachers and parents to provide personalized tutoring that targets what each student needs.

Right on campus after school, we raise grades, improve study habits, build confidence and take our students to the next level of academic success.
We collaborate directly with teachers and track student progress closely. We also share student progress and recommendations with parents and teachers!

We believe that it is the business of every educator to give hope to students—hope for learning, hope for growing and hope for a bright future. By working together, we can make this happen.


Our Values


We love building relationships with families and teachers!


We strive to be excellent and professional in what we teach and how we teach.


We affirm our students and celebrate small victories with them.


We follow through in our commitment to our students because we care and we want them to care too.


We are passionate about being a place of hope for students, parents and teachers!

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Lights On Learning is always accepting new students.

Every day, students are learning important concepts, skills and habits that set the foundation for academic success. At Lights On Learning, we provide an extended learning time on campus after school for students to thrive academically. Students receive targeted attention, direction and practice while reviewing concepts, completing homework, preparing for tests and building effective study habits.

Our tutors collaborate directly with teachers to provide highly personalized tutoring that meets each child’s specific needs. By supporting what they are learning in the classroom, we help our students build mastery, gain confidence and develop a love of learning.